E46 can bus hack

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The finished wiring looks like this:. Next, off to find a suitable spot to tap into the K-CAN-bus. I used the wiring at the iDrive-display power connector because i already was familiar with removing the display really simple, undo 2x TX10 screws and the screen pops out.

There are surely other better spots to tap into the wiring, but this is one way to do it. Screen back in, ready to be tested:. Next, the Arduino needs the correct software. From: if CAN0. After sketch was uploaded and ignition turned on, there was a nice continous stream of K-CAN-bus data on my serial terminal. I was surprised how much data is actually passing through all the time!

So how about interpreting the data? Thank you very much for sharing you project! I am trying to build a dash for my standalone ecu and I have tried many examples without success but yours works. You helped me a lot!

BMW CAN and iBus project summary

I am waiting to see more about your project and learn how to use all the data. Hello admin!

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I am using an Ecumaster EMU and still trying to use all the data — I started using arduino a few months ago and my skills in programming these boards are basic. So I am waiting for your update when your project is done! I drive an BMW d E60, built in My luck is I discovered your page randomly.

a complete guide to hacking your vehicle bus on the cheap & easy – part 1 (hardware interface)

It would be very cool, if you contact me via Email. It most certainly can be a speed-related problem. Have you had any luck sending velocity information to the panel? Maybe my ID is not the same as what loopbunny shows? Hey, so you decided to leave a comment! That's great. Just fill in the required fields and hit submit. Note that your comment will need to be reviewed before its published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Post navigation. Hi there! Hi, have you finished project on e36? Really interested. Good work. It is not model relative. This was a nice fact, thank you for making me wiser! Leave a comment Cancel reply Hey, so you decided to leave a comment!I Have newest MCU 1. When I select from factory settings canbus: bmw see in apps application: vehicle but not working, also my steering wheel not working.

With canbus: BMW cant set buttons. I Think my canbus decoder working if in canbus option I have set on: none steering wheel working? Or device has other way for it?

e46 can bus hack

I have mazda cx5 and aftermarket can bus decoder. My decoder is able to get the reverse signal it is coded by the can bus and to transform the steering wheel buttons onto standard signals that can be read by aftermarket stereos Alpine, pioneer, Kenwood, etc If I connect the headunit without can bus decoder, steering wheel buttons work If I connected the can bus decoder I had to remap again all buttons In your case you have a permanent decoder so the signal is transformed always Do you have any other can bus decoder option apart from.

Try it Did you check if your connections are on? Not loose plugs Enviado desde mi D mediante Tapatalk. So I need to remove my canbus decoder from device? Or what? How can I enable functions from vehicle app. Check the wire connections if you can bypass the swc controls only directly to the headunit and the input of the can-bus for the rest Enviado desde mi D mediante Tapatalk.

So wheel and informations from canbus no working. Are you sure that E46 actually had IBus? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Thread Search.A failure in the K-CAN may cause malfunctions in the warnings lights or control modules for any of those system. If the preceding fault codes are found, investigate the following causes and repair as necessary:. October 12th, bmw. The vehicle may exhibit one or more of the following problems: Random instrument cluster warning light failures.

BMW E46 canbus

Instruments cluster inoperative. Climate control, airbags, lights or tire pressure sensors inoperative. Fault diagnosis. The technical will notice a slew of K-CAN faults in the vehicle.

NOTE: The best tool for checking bus systems is an oscilloscope. Check for any obvious issues like to water damage to control units logging K-CAN faults. Also check connectors and splices for water corrosion. Disconnect individual K-CAN modules one at a time. If communication to other modules resumes, the disconnected module is the faulty one.

Disconnect all modules successively except the Gateway and CAS — will need to be swapped from another vehicle. Possible causes. If the preceding fault codes are found, investigate the following causes and repair as necessary: Failure of a body module: climate control, airbags, lighting or tire pressure control.

Water damage to a module or electrical connector. Damage to wiring or short in wiring. With vehicle connected to Autologic:.

e46 can bus hack

High and Low square wave should mirror each other. A volt meter is only a quick check and not a definitive diagnostic tool.Click here to cancel reply. Nice writeup! I started a few months ago, and made my own J implementation for a LeafLabs Maple, communicating with a Pi. Apart from my home-implementation of J, your data analysis approach was the exact same as mine. I also traced memory settings, mirror controls, speed, rpm, as well as other data.

I need to implement a writing circuit for the Maple, as I think I might be able to control some of these things fairly easily seats, mirrors, …. I have the feature, now I need to think of a use for it. I completely agree with you on proprietary implementations. What amp are you using, btw? And in case you have the Infineon power amp, did you just tie amp enable to the acc line?

I plan on having the tablet be in control of that line through the maple, allowing me to listen to music with acc off. Also, did you figure out a good way to have it turn on automatically, or do you simply allow it to go on standby when no power is connected having the charger hooked to acc? This is a great write-up. Each bus deals with different application areas of the vehicle. To use an elm to snoop things like steering wheel buttons you will have to tap into the K-Can bus at the rear of the stereo, at the PDC module in the boot or at the alarm sensor in the roof.

Thank you. This has given me a new insight on the project. Thanks for your write-ups! I, too, put an Android tablet in my dash. I like this job! Congratulations to you, Kristoffer. You are good. I own a Grand Cherokee 3. Your articles give me some ideas, they are the following: 1. If possible, I would like to speak to the navigation system. The gps database of that system does not know my country Senegal. I want to add an USB connector there is not usb port on it through which I can read my own database on an usb external memory.

I would also want to use this port for playing music and video clips in the car. Thank you very much. I remember seeing some work done direct to serial port, but there was still some circuit in place to aid in decoding. I picked up a cheap bluetooth ELM clone off ebay for 10 bucks, works like a charm. You just made a major winter project into a weekend project!

Well done and thank you for posting it up for the rest of us. I was just checking out the myself. Luckily, I have access to a similar unit for a small fee usually beer. The cost of programming two remotes and one spare key is going to run me more than I would have ever imagined. Once again, great write up…keep up the hackin.What a strange message to read on the digital dashboard display of your car.

It stems from his goal of adding an Android tablet on the dashboard which has been a popular hack as of late. This left [Kristoffer] with steering wheel controls that did nothing. They originally operated the radio, so he set out to make them control the tablet. He had seen an Arduino used to control the CAN bus, but decided to go a different route. The first order of business was to use it with his computer to sniff the data available.

From there he was able to decode the traffic and figure out the commands he needed to monitor. The last piece of the puzzle was to write his own Android code to watch for and react to the steering wheel buttons. You can check out the code at his repository and see the demo after the break.

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Perhaps the reason odb-ii is used rather than ODB-II is because persons not need to be concerned about using the proper case when making use of tags. When ever I take the time to tag bookmarks, I use lower case for ancronyms.

That has been my experiance anyway, YMMV.

Enhance Your Key Fob Via CAN Bus Hacking

Yea I remember the reason it was rejected is that old old post or comments to them would have been lost. Eagle ceased to exist as a marque as of Slight correction. I make the same mistake all the time, sadly.

The odometer is a completely separate device even if digital. I can think of another reason for people to do that… if the vehicle had amile powertrain warranty and the transmission died atmiles….

Nice job, I always wanted to do this exact thing. Unfortunately, the car I had with steering wheel controls for the radio was totalled in an accident. The clusters require a special clip or jtag connection to reprogram, and yes, there are legitimate reasons to reprogram mileage, as well as fraudulent purposes. Working in automotive and collision repair, I can tell you that a lot of clusters get damaged, or burn out and need repairs or replacement.

The old method was to replace the cluster Mechanical with a new or salvage unit, and to put a discrepancy disclaimer decal on your door pillar. Now the units can be reprogrammed to show the correct mileage, which can be used illegally, or can be used properly to revert to the stock mileage. I just have a problem with the whole idea of adding a computer screen to a car specifically one accessible to the driver in the first place.

If texting while driving is dangerous which it obviously ishow much more dangerous is this? Drivers need fewer distractions, not more of them.

This hack is not about adding screens to a car. This hack is about controlling an android device without having to look at its screen. I added a tablet in place of my stereo in my car, and I will say this… I probably look at my tablet LESS than I looked at the factory stereo. I have it set up with big fat easy to hit buttons, and voice commands handle a lot. There is a huge difference between texting and accessing a control system.

I am in the process of adding a tablet to my truck to; replace the radio; climate control system; add a secure start system…. I understand that texting and driving is a huge distraction and dangerous, but this is really nothing like that.Remember Me?

e46 can bus hack

General BMW Discussion. Engine Conversions. E46 Can bus project. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: E46 Can bus project. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. There has been much discussion about the Can Bus as it relates to engine swaps.

I have stated this thread to discuss or share my findings and progress on creating a Can Bus solution.

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Edit: Everyone would like the answers first right? Values just cycle from 0 to FFFF then start over at zero. Fuel consumiption is the rate of change. Multiply by 10 and that is Odometer in Km] -B2 is fuel level. Full being hex 39 Fuel light comes on at hex 8.

Then values jump to hex 87 or so and then go down to hex 80 being empty. Hex 80 when on Other bits say something else Load, Aux fan speed request? But I have not tested. One could also be built from bare chips. Project detail: What we really need to do is "reverse engineer" the can bus messages on the E Many people seem to call this hacking. Reverse engineering can bus messages has been done on several cars and there is software and hardware available to make the process easier.

First step of any project. Here are some links to some of the information I found the most useful. Many others may match as well] Reverse engineering by DIYers has been done on various cars.

I attempted to communicate with my E46 a few weeks ago. Wish I had the car handy to try again. Not specifically needed for can bus hacking but is interesting on the engine swap side of things. And I'm havin a hard time holdin these alligators down!!!!!! Just the detail of getting started.Nowadays, there are lots of aftermarket devices available for different car models, ranging from simple radio devices with CD to full blown Android devices with touch screens, GPS, cameras, and other goodies.

You can even find ones that imitate the original Navigation module, like the one from Erisin. But making your solution using credit card-sized computer with original controls and displays will provide all the functionality of aftermarket components while keeping the original dashboard layout and retro look. If you have Navigation module and want to use the original display, you can try OpenBM.

Understanding how the electronics works becomes crucial even for simple things like resetting service intervals or erasing CAN errors. The core of car communication is a bus line - two-way serial communication line, with one or two wires for the signal. All cars have multiple bus systems that group electronics depending on their use in the car, like CAN-busI-bus, K-bus, D-bus, etc.

We will focus on I-bus Information Bus which is used to control radio, CD, navigation, interior lights, parking sensors, steering wheel buttons, etc. I decided to put in Raspberry PI 2 as a media player but use all original displays and controls already present in the car.

Hacking BMW I-BUS With Raspberry PI

Since the CD changer unit works only with audio CDs and is already using I-Bus protocol for communication with other devices in the car, the obvious choice was to replace it with RPI and put RPI in the trunk in its place. Beside RPI itself, we need a power supply and a device for connecting to I-Bus line - and of course, a car. I dismantled it and connected wires directly with some soldering. You can use other solutions also, as long as the input is 12V and output is 5V 2A at least.

It is cheaper than Melexis TH but I had problems with sending messages and abandoned it as a solution. Here are the settings used to configure serial port to work correctly connected to the I-Bus network:. I picked Wheezy distribution because we want to cut down boot time to the minimum and keep it as small as possible. Since Wheezy is obsolete now, you can use Jessy. Both will fit on a 4GB SD card.

We will host our app in Node. Messages on I-Bus are sent as bytes with no end-message flag, so we need to parse all received bytes and try to compose a message from those, calculate hash and use the last byte for comparison.

Here you can find the description of the I-Bus message format. Luckily, Osvath-Boros Robert developed node-ibus plugin that allows us to send and receive messages to and from I-Bus easily. As a startup project, we will use node-ibus-mediacenter - thanks to Robert.

For the media player, we will use MPlayer which supports command line interface and can play all known media formats including online streams.

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As a wrapper around MPlayer, we will use node-mplayer plugin. The idea is to use MID buttons to navigate through folders with our media, start playing media, fast forward and reverse through the current song, and use the steering wheel buttons to skip songs back and forth. Also, we want to use all 20 characters of the MID display - not only first eight, but also all others that are normally used by the board computer.

To do that, we need to mimic CD changer behavior. Note: We keep all messages in the messages. Feel free to modify those to support your units. The node-ibus plugin automatically calculates the length of the message and puts value in the second byte, so we will use xx in that place to make things more readable.

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